Terms and Conditions

  • Everybody should read and completed an Jump Adventure risk acknowledge form i.e waiver form before using the park.

  • If a participant/person is under 18 a waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

  • Parents or guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times.

  • For hygiene and to avoid slipping, all persons must wear Jump Adventure trampoline socks when jumping. Jumpers must wear the valid-coloured wristband at all times during jumping.

  • All participant must watch our safety video to understand the do’s and don’t.

  • Under no circumstances are people under the influence of alcohol or drugs allowed use of the park.

  • Watch out for all jumpers and give way to the smaller ones.

  • If you need a break please use sitting area, do not obstruct by sitting or lying.

  • Do not grab safety pads or safety netting.

  • No double bouncing, running, wrestling or rough play.

  • Only one person allowed on each trampoline at one time.

  • Always land with two feet and aim to stay in the middle of the trampoline mat away from the padding.

  • No electric device such as mobiles, cameras, Go Pros or any other equipment allowed on the trampolines.

  • Pregnant women or people with health concerns are advised not to jump.

  • Please restrain from foul language, do not push or obstruct.

  • No food or drink (including gum) is permitted on the trampolines.

  • No double somersaults or flips or tricks over the pads are allowed. Single somersaults are allowed but no more than two in a row.

  • No belt buckles, clothing studs, jewellery, key chains, or sharp objects are permitted on the trampolines. – No loose change in pockets.

  • Outside drink or food is only allowed with prior permission and only for special needs.

  • Trampolining is an inherently dangerous activity so always jump within your ability. Stay safe and enjoy Jump Adventure Trampoline Park.

  • All redemptions of OpenTable Points, Dining Rewards and Reward Cards are final.

  • OpenTable is not responsible for any Dining Rewards or Reward Cards used without your permission or for any lost, stolen or destroyed Dining Rewards or Reward Cards.

  • OpenTable may, in its sole discretion, cancel and replace a lost, stolen or destroyed Dining Reward or Reward Card, if it has not already been redeemed, with a new Dining Reward or Reward Card, as applicable.

  • Except to the extent required by applicable law, Dining Rewards and Reward Cards are not redeemable for cash.

  • Resale of Dining Rewards and Reward Cards is prohibited. Dining Rewards and Reward Cards are non-returnable and non-refundable.

  • Jump Adventure Rewards Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms:
Bookings are non-refundable but subject to availability you may be able to change your jump day/time. Please call the site and ask to speak to a manager at least 24 hours before your pre-booked jump time.

Jump adventure is the trading name of Uddin’s (Europe) Limited registered at Unit4, Maesglas Retails Estate, Port road Newport NP20 2NS. Registered in England and Wales, registration number 10894544.

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